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Some Thoughts on Myself

Anniversary and birthday trip to Paris. Photo credit: Katy Donnelly see more of her work at katydonnelly.com
Anniversary and birthday trip to Paris.
Photo credit: Katy Donnelly
see more of her work at katydonnelly.com

Hi, I am the author of this page, Tyler, I usually sign myself off with t.d.h., and I thought I would use this space to say a few things about myself. As of August 2015 I will have spent six years in a kind of self-imposed exile in the greater Los Angeles area. The purpose for doing this was to further my education which now consists of one bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees from Biola University. For the time being I am finished with my formal education (though the thought of an MFT or PhD intrigue me) and am looking forward to the pending end of this self-imposed exile.

Geographically speaking, I have exiled myself, and my wife, from Santa Cruz, CA., which if you know anything about Santa Cruz should strike you as a curious decision. I left in order to gain a high quality theological training in order to be a pastor/church planter. In my studies I gained a fascination with biblical masculinity (a term I don’t actually like because it seems to imply that there is a legitimate non-biblical form of masculinity), cultural analysis, and philosophy—as such, those issue make up a sizable chunk of the topics discussed on this blog.

Aside from my education, I suppose I could say a bit about my family. I am the son of a horse-shoer and a fire fighter (guess which is my mom). The brother of a physical therapist. I married my high school sweet heart. My extended family resides in—I think—five different states with one cousin abroad in England.

There is not much else to say that hasn’t been said already, or can’t be found somewhere on the site. So for now I will leave it at that.

Thanks for reading,


(updated 7/5/15)


Quick Bio

copy-img_9469.jpgI grew up in Santa Cruz, California. I went through grade school there, met some of my best friends there, met my wife there, met the Lord there, and one day (hopefully not too far away) I will return to Santa Cruz and plant a church that preaches the word and ministers to the city of Santa Cruz out of love. Until then, my wife and I find ourselves in La Mirada, California where I am going through seminary.

(updated 3/3/2014)


Top 10 Things to Know about the Author

  1. Daily tries to be a better, more humble, and more willing disciple of Jesus.
  2. Seeks to grow increasingly as a man after God’s own heart.
  3. Loves his wife with his whole heart and wants to love her more.
  4. Doesn’t fully understand, but attempts to fully pursue the Holy Spirit
  5. Longs for a deep knowledge of God and himself.
  6. Loves the local church and is passionate about its mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
  7. Is training to be a faithful preacher of God’s word and a loving, humble, and honest pastor of God’s people.
  8. Attempts to be rightly guided by God’s glory and God’s word in intellectual pursuits.
  9. Writes and reads a considerable amount.
  10. Pursues cultural engagement in hopes of revealing the fallenness of man and the faithfulness of God.



2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I’m not sure how I found you, but thanks for a Christian perspective on Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work by John Gottman. It was what I was looking for.
    I was after something to tweak our good 35 year marriage into something great. There are sometimes ruts in life we don’t notice till down the track. We’re both Christian but think that a lot of Christian teaching out there on marriage is a bit skewed, and follows authority/headship as wrongly modelled in the institutional church. Can you recommend something fresh??
    Also, there is a new book out called Finding Church by Wayne Jacobson. Would you review that? Looking at your page and reading list, I think you may like it. I’ll look out for the review.
    P.S. Love the snow flakes:)

    1. Hey Manuela,

      I’m grateful that you found my blog helpful. As far as marriage books to recommend, I think Timothy Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage is the best, Gary Thomas’ Sacred Marriage is quite good as well, and Andres Kostenberger’s God Marriage and Family is, theological speaking, unrivaled. I also think Tara Parker-Pope’s For Better is good, but not written from a Christian perspective.

      In terms of improving marriage, I think the biggest things are to talk, pray, and read the Bible together. Those three things build unity. Anything beyond that is usually dependent on the specific relationship. I would encourage you, with the new year coming up, to ask yourself ‘how can I love my wife better next year?’ Write down 3-5 things you can do on a regular basis (weekly or monthly), be very specific, and come up with a plan to initiate and sustain those ideas. I know it is not nearly as easy as it sounds, but I believe improving any thing requires work and improving relationships requires the work of love.

      Thanks for the comment, and the book recommendation. I have a few things already planned out for the beginning of next year, so it will be awhile till I get to it, but I am always appreciative of ideas and resources.

      – tdh

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